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Nancy Barbas, MD
Emeritus Associate Professor of Neurology, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Dr. Barbas is a neurologist with specialization in Cognitive Disorders who, prior to retirement, practiced and conducted clinical research over a combined 30 years at University of Massachusetts and University of Michigan. As an educator, she has taught at the University of Michigan Medical School in courses including Doctoring Skills, ethical and social aspects of medical practice and Medical Humanities.


In recent years, her teaching and advocacy efforts include health and the environment through organizations including MiCCA, Citizens Climate Lobby, Climate Reality Leadership Program, University of Michigan Voices for Carbon Neutrality, Environmental Voters Project, and several state and national

Land Conservancy Councils.

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Larry Junck, MD
Professor of Neurology at University of Michigan Medical School
Dr. Junck is a Professor of Neurology at University of Michigan Medical School. In addition to MiCCA, he is active in Citizens Climate Lobby and Voices for Carbon Neutrality. He has expertise in health consequences of climate change and of air pollution. He became a climate activist out of appreciation for the special place that is our Earth, for its amazing diversity of living things, and for its suitability as a place for human beings, but also out of concern for its fragility.
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Amy Rogghe, PA-C
Electric Vehicles Advisor
Physician Assistant
Amy is a graduate from Wayne State University's Physician Assistant Program.  She has been a practicing Physician Assistant in the specialty of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery in Grand Rapids since 2019 and previously worked in urgent cares and emergency rooms across the country.  She has seen, first hand, how climate change and the resulting disastrous weather events as well as worsening allergy seasons affect her patients' health and lives.   She sees herself as a realistic climate change nut.  


Amy brings energy and urgency to our work recruiting new members and engaging healthcare professionals. She was persistent and relentless inviting healthcare system personnel to our "Decarbonizing Healthcare Webinar" and asking them to join MiCCA.  She envisions MiCCA growing exponentially in the months and years to come and hopes the organization will be a driving force behind legislation that will take a stand against climate change. 


Amy Co-Founded the Michigan Electric Vehicle Alliance in 2021 and is active in lobbying for legislation that will move the state away from internal combustion engines and be fully electric by 2030.  In addition, Amy is active in the Grand Rapids climate awareness scene and part of the GR Climate Coalition, representing MiCCA.  They are currently trying to push through a Resolution that the city council will approve which declares a state of climate emergency and pledges to be carbon neutral by 2030.  Amy is a Climate Reality Project Leader and is also currently in the Health Leaders Fellowship Program training through the Ecology Center.

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