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 Get out the vote! 

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Campaign Goals:

  • Increase voter turnout-- especially among health professionals, youth, Indigenous people, & people of color.

  • Encourage voters to vote for those who support strong action on climate change in order to protect personal & public health

  • Make the connection between health outcomes and access & participation of voting. Voting is a social determinant of health!


The American Medical Association, the American College of Physicians, the American Public Health Association, and the Society for Public Health Education all identify voting as a social determinant of  health.


The Health & Democracy Index demonstrates that states with more inclusive voting policies and higher levels of voter participation enjoy better public health outcomes.

In 2020 a third of U.S. eligible voters did not cast a ballot and more than half of eligible voters did not vote in 2022.

“Perhaps most surprising

and concerning is that

healthcare workers themselves, including physicians, nurses, physician assistants, and dentists are 12-23% less likely to vote

than the general population.”


 - Civic Health

What Can You Do?

1. Take the We Will Vote Pledge

2. Share the We Will Vote Pledge for Organizations

3. Encourage your patients to register and vote.

      a. Help them find their clerk

      b. Help them vote from their hospital bed

      c. Educate them that voting is a social determinant of health

            i. Get a Vot-ER badge to wear at work

           ii. Put this poster up on your website or in your work area

4. Write a Letter to the Editor (LTE) or OP-ED. 

       a. Use 1-2 questions from the MSCCH Candidate questions               to write your own op-ed 

       b. Use a MiCCA LTE template to help you

5. Present to colleagues and the general public about Civic                Health & Vot-ER using this ready-to-go presentation

6. Join the Environmental Voters Project

7. Talk to Policymakers. Go to Candidate Forums and be sure to        ask MSCCH Candidate questions 

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